The main output of fine art photographers, limited edition prints, are expensive (generally, starting around $500 per print). Posters are printed differently (offset printed) and have the artist name and logo of the publisher on the image side. By publishing 1-2 photographs per artist as posters- Nava is able to offer work by extremely talented artists to a broad range of collectors.

Fabrizio Albertini

Fabrizio Albertini


Curatorial staff

We constantly review work by contemporary artists through various channels. Attending gallery shows, reading blogs, traveling to art fairs, flipping through photo books at places like Dashwood Books, and asking artists for recommendations are a few of those channels.


Dianne Weinthal is an archivist, photographer, and bookmaker based in California. She received her BA in Art History from Stanford University in 2014. Her first monograph, Telegraph Ave, was selected on Photo-eye’s Best Books of 2016, and her most recent publications feature gas stations & architectural novelties of the West. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science at UCLA, with focus on photographic archives and informatics.


Norris Guncheon is a writer and filmmaker from Richmond, Virginia. He received his BFA in Film & Television from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has returned to New York after working in Chicago as a filmmaker to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University. He’s a Jack Kent Cooke Scholar and owns more bottles of whisky than one should reasonably possess.


Parker Stewart (b. 1992) is a Savannah, Georgia based photographer and a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. Currently Parker is working solely as a freelance photographer and fine art printer in Savannah. He has also been a contributor to Aint-Bad for the past 4 years.